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Reimposition of SPLOST in 2015


The reimposition of the SPLOST in 2015, if passed by the voters of Clayton County, would begin collections on January 1, 2015.

The Clayton County Board of Commissioners and Elected Officials from participating qualified municipalities are currently in the project planning phases following the required steps and timeline necessary to call for the referendum and place the referendum on the ballot for voter approval.

SPLOST 2015 Overview

SPLOST 2015 Citizens Committee Recommendations

ACCG SPLOST Guidebook 5th Edition 2013

2015 SPLOST Project Summaries


2015 SPLOST Project Summaries

Hospital Bonds: Southern Regional Medical Center (SRMC)

Clayton County will acquire the property on which Southern Regional Medical Center (SRMC) is located in an attempt to alleviate the financial hardship being experienced by SRMC as a result of large losses from citizens that are unable to pay for services and/or medical care. If the SPLOST referendum passes in May 2014, the County will issue bonded indebtedness to be repaid from SPLOST revenues to acquire the property.

Economic Development

Trade Center and Small Business Incubator


Class-A office building at the entrance to Clayton State University to attract and house multiple business and economic development activities, including a small business incubator. This project would bring together all the community resources needed to promote business, investment, and jobs growth in Clayton County, in one location. This initiative will assist with launching the final phase of dense, urban design at the University Station development, including retail space for a coffee shop/bookstore and restaurant/cafe near Clayton State University.
Welcome to Clayton County Signage @ County Borders


Oftentimes, residents and/or visitors are unaware of when they have entered into Clayton County. Greeting signs with the verbiage "Welcome to Clayton County" will be strategically placed to cover the North, South, East, and West entrances into the County. The signs are anticipated to measure approximately 10 to 20 feet in width and be constructed of brick, stone or concrete. The greeting signs will showcase the County's new brand and image to provide our citizens and visitors with a more welcoming feel when entering into the County, including the airport area.

Building Repairs & Remodeling

Historic Courthouse Roof


Built in 1898, the Historic Courthouse was renovated in 1999, which included a new roof. The roof has lost several shingles in the last 5 years. Replacing the roofing will enhance the building and prevent further damage to the decking or the equipment housed under the roof.
Correctional Institute Roof


The roof on the Correctional Institute is the original roof which was installed in 1992. The overall condition of the roof under-lament and insulation is very good; however, the top layer has deteriorated due to age and weather. This project will recondition the entire roof surface to provide another 20 years of protection. Reconditioning will also prolong the complete replacement of the roof.
Full TV Station Remodel (CCTV-23)


Clayton County Access Television (CCTV-23) provides educational, informative, and entertaining programming to citizens about the services that are available in Clayton County. CCTV-23 focuses on events and activities in and around Clayton County that are of interest to our citizens while spotlighting individuals and departments that govern the County. Television and video helps save money, increase efficiency, and improve overall communication to our citizens. Upgrading equipment and expanding the studio will allow for production of new educational segments, higher definition programming, and studio tours for citizens and students. CCTV-23 also serves as a 24/7 resource for distributing emergency messages. The current studio location needs renovations to accommodate additional features such as lighting, set design, sound barriers, and equipment. Remodeling CCTV-23 will contribute to enhanced viewership, appeal to a wider audience, and strengthen the overall communication efforts of the county.

Parks & Recreation

VIP Complex Renovations@ International Park


This project will enhance the VIP Complex at International Park to include renovations and a conception plan for an outdoor amphitheater arena with additional covered seating that will host concerts, festivals and cultural activities. Anticipated enhancements include event administrative space, dressing rooms, additional concessions, redesign of restrooms, backstage facilities, and vendor kiosks. The main concept for this redesign is to integrate outdoor spaces while maintaining a multi-functional facility. Additionally, structural challenges and cosmetic work will be part of the redesign of the VIP building and Amphitheater.
Parkland and Greenway Acquisition/Development


Continue the recommendation from the 2008 Greenspace Master plan involving destination accessibility for alternate means of transportation, acquisition Greenspace tracts, and walkable communities. Greenspace tracts will include ball fields, sports complex, park managed woodlands, forestry areas, and trails.
Countywide Dog Parks


Countywide Dog Parks will include land acquisition, conceptual plan, and play features at designated locations in the south and east sectors of the County. The space may include off-leash opportunities for pet-owners, as well as play amenities.

Information Technology

County Information Technology Center


Design, land acquisition and construction of a technology building to consolidate operations and staff, house computer systems, associated components, telecommunications infrastructure and data storage systems. Current systems and operations are housed in several 30+ year old buildings. These geographically dispersed buildings are costly to operate due to energy inefficiency, inadequate size and capacity and not well suited for modern technology operations. A new center will allow for strategic growth while providing a more secure and functional facility for advanced technology. Additionally, this new facility will function as a technology training center and serve as a remote disaster recovery location for Clayton County public safety partners.
County Enterprise Software System


Plan, design, procure and implement an enterprise technology solution to include software, hardware, integration and training. This critical need will replace antiquated, stand-alone systems impacting operations within Finance, Human Resources, Tax Administration & Property Assessments, Business Intelligence and Records Management. A comprehensive solution will improve data management effectiveness through the provision of one central repository for all information promoting the smooth and efficient flow of data across county departments. Further, this solution will prompt a reduction in operating expense and provide a comprehensive snapshot to improve strategic planning, decision-making, data analysis and deliver clear and transparent reporting.
Comprehensive Justice Management & Information System


A comprehensive criminal and civil case management system will track a case from initial citation or case initiation to final disposition. This project will include work flow automation, e-filing, case management, intelligent reporting, a modern e-mail solution that will be compatible with all potential solutions and customizable dashboards for reporting and statistical analysis. This modern system will replace the current comprehensive justice information system and will be available to Superior, State and Magistrate Court Judges and Clerks, Police Department, Sheriff Department, Solicitor General and District Attorney, along with other municipalities within Clayton County, and any other stakeholders that could be impacted by a case management solution. The solution will include costs associated with hardware, data migration, training, and system evaluation.
Jail Security/Access Control/Video Surveillance System


Plan, design and implement a comprehensive jail security/access control/video distribution system to include software, hardware, integration and training. This comprehensive system will replace the existing out dated proprietary system that is costly to maintain. Further, it will provide and enhance overall security and safety measures while improving effective operations.

Modernize Public Safety and Public Service Fleets

This project will modernize aging public safety and public service fleet vehicles. This will reduce annual cost to maintain and repair vehicles, reduce major repairs and, improve vehicle availability. Modernization will allow for improved performance and response to both emergency and non-emergency service requests. Also, safety will improve for both county employees and the public.

Additional fleet modernization will include:
Fire/EMS Vehicle Modernization


The purpose of this project is to modernize the aging fleet of Fire and EMS Vehicles. This is an attempt to address the two main focus points of our fleet maintenance program where previous capital expenditure requests have not been funded. Those points are escalating maintenance costs and employee/patient safety issues. The will positively impact and assist the fire and emergency services personnel.
Clayton County Police Aviation Helicopter Replacement


Replacement of one police department helicopter. By having such aircraft in the aviation fleet, allows us to be more efficient as well as maximize our safe air operational needs. Moreover, this new aircraft will allow expanded use for future airborne advancements surrounding all law enforcement operations. This new aircraft will also aide other governmental agencies within the entire Clayton County community from a number of perspectives.
Sheriff’s Fleet Vehicle Update


The majority of the vehicles in the Sheriff's Office fleet are approaching 200,000 miles. The age and condition of the fleet causes a tremendous amount of vehicle downtime for repairs and maintenance, and is an ongoing safety concern for our agency. The Sheriff's Office has been without an incident command vehicle for many years due to the cost of replacement. This project would allow us to purchase a command trailer that could be pulled to any location and serve as a command center and replace 95 Sheriff's Office vehicles that are in dire need of replacement.
Department of Building Maintenance Vehicles


Vehicles would be used to provide transportation to facilities throughout the county for repairs, renovations and new construction. The new vehicles would ensure that county employees would have a safe vehicle available for service calls. Specialized vehicles would be utilized to change exterior lighting, painting and other jobs that would otherwise require a rental vehicle.
Transportation and Development


Transportation funding will be utilized for several different initiatives and program areas including roadway maintenance and resurfacing, traffic signals, signing and traffic operations, bridge/culvert repairs and replacements, safety improvements, sidewalk installation, and landscaping/roadway lighting. The unincorporated section of Valley Hill Road will be widened to four lanes from Battle Creek Road to the City Limits of Riverdale. Gilbert Road, in the Mountain View area, will be reconstructed to allow adequate and safe traffic flow from Conley Road north to the Fulton County line. Finally, funding will be provided for transit capital expenses and to satisfy Federal transit grant funding match requirements.