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Archives and Records 

Archives and Record CenterThe Archives and Records Center (ARC), a division of the Department of Information Technology (DOIT), was established by Clayton County Ordinance 96-21 to administer a records management program under direction of the Board of Commissioners (Ord. No. 96-21, § 1, 2-20-96)

Staff of the ARC provides training, advice and assistance to county departments in the management of public records in both paper and electronic formats. They also assist in the development and maintenance of records retention schedules for the county’s records.

The ARC provides cost-effective, secure storage for paper records of all county departments. Only those records with approved retention schedules are eligible for transfer to and storage at the ARC. Records stored with ARC remain the property of the transferring department at all times and access is restricted to authorized department personnel. Permanent records transferred into the custody of ARC are maintained in compliance with archival best practices to ensure their continued preservation.

Our Vision

To achieve accountability and risk mitigation through the application of Information Governance best practices to Clayton County government records.

Our Mission

To support the Clayton County Board of Commissioners in achieving its strategic goals by:

  • Raising awareness that reliable, accurate information and records are valuable assets to the county and must be protected from damage, loss, destruction, and/or alteration;
  • Managing risk and ensuring accountability through the application of information governance and records/information management best practices and controls;
  • Storing inactive records in a low-cost, efficient manner until eligible for disposition; and,
  • Preserving the corporate memory of Clayton County government as a means of demonstrating the accountability and integrity of county officials over time.



Jason Brookins

Director: Jason Brookins
1383 Government Circle
Jonesboro, GA 30236 
Phone: (770) 477-3727 

Division Manager:
Amelia Winstead
Office: (770) 473-5717

Department of Information Technology